Norway to Ban Deforestation-Linked Palm Oil Biofuels in Historic Vote

December 12, 2018 vikingarnews 0

  The Norwegian parliament voted this week to make Norway the world’s first country to bar its biofuel industry from importing deforestation-linked palm oil starting in 2020, The Independent reported. Environmentalists celebrated the move as a victory for rainforests, the climate and endangered species such as orangutans […]


Bio and Circular Finland program launched

December 10, 2018 vikingarnews 0

  Business Finland has launched the Bio and Circular Finland program which aims to make Finland a forerunner in the circular economy. The circular economy is an opportunity for the industries traditionally important to Finland, but also opens incredible […]


A Digital Fishing Trip

August 11, 2018 vndel 0

  Filip Rotnes points to a gray square sprinkled with red, blue and yellow dots. Each dot is connected through a complex network of black lines. This, he explains, is the amino acid metabolism in […]