The author Margit Sandemo has died

September 2, 2018 vikimar 0

  The family writes in a press release that the popular love story author behind, among other things, the boxed series “Sagaen om Isfolket”, died peacefully in her sleep, night to Saturday in her home […]

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Common words that came from the Vikings

August 12, 2018 vndel 0

  Probably you’ve never studied Conversational Viking, let alone claimed to speak it. However, the language of the Vikings, Old Norse, has influenced the development of English more than any other language besides French and […]

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‘Reaching the Finnish Line’

August 6, 2018 vndel 0

  Divine Savior Academy (DSA) administrators Tim Biesterfeld, Ryan Kirchoff, Ryan Loberger, Ben Troge, and Amelia Nemmers attended the 2018 Innovation Institute entitled “Reaching the Finnish Line.” Finland has been a leader in education excellence […]

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The Secret Behind Denmark’s Booming Jewellery Scene

August 4, 2018 vndel 0

  As Copenhagen Fashion Week fast approaches, Vogue speaks to the founders of The Jewellery Room, the city’s jewellery talent touts, to find out how the scene has changed and what’s coming next. In the last few years, Danish […]