Criminals take control of IT Systems in Norway

September 27, 2018 vikimar 0

  Foreign intelligence or criminals exploit inadequately unsecured servers to gain control over IT Systems, the National Security Authority (NSM) announces in its annual report on ICT-security. The purpose is to establish «command and control servers […]


Toward a new record in power consumption

September 13, 2018 vikimar 0

  So far this year,consumption is 2.8% higher than at the same time last year stated adviser, Martin Andreas Vik at Norway’s Water Resources and Energy Workshop (NVE) to NTB news. Continuing the trend, it […]


ABB robot debuted on dance stage

September 12, 2018 vikimar 0

  After the show, Benke and the ABB robot received a standing ovation, and the dance was also celebrated by critics. IRB 6620 is one of ABB’s largest robots. The robot is working daily in industry, […]