Finnish dairy giants settle “milk war”

September 13, 2018 vikimar 0

  Arla and Valio, the two companies that dominate Finland’s milk market, have settled a dispute over price dumping. The case started in 2014 when Arla filed suit demanding compensation for Valio selling milk on […]


New safe mobile phone battery

September 8, 2018 vikimar 0

  The Institute of Energy Technology (IFE) has researched a new type of battery that reduces the fire hazard to a fraction of its present level. ‘’A breakthrough’’ researchers behind the new lithium-ion battery believe. […]


Finland trials autonomous ships

September 5, 2018 vikimar 0

  Testing of autonomous shipping facilitated by legislation; leading companies demonstrate augmented reality piloting assistance and auto-docking on ferries. Combining a strong, established maritime ecosystem with world-leading capabilities in digitalization, sensoring and wireless technology, Finland […]


Committee for control of fisheries

September 4, 2018 vikimar 0

Work on future control of fisheries has started – As the Minister of Fisheries, there are two things I’m particularly concerned with, firstly legality and secondly, quality. The worst thing that can happen is losing […]