Denmark is Banning Non-Renewable Energy Power Vehicles to Combat Climate Change

Denmark is making serious changes to have more clean powered vehicles on its roads.

Source: The Independent


Denmark becomes the latest country in the entire world to ban the new sale of fossil fuel powered vehicles in order to fully transition to clean power, non-polluting vehicles on the road such as electric vehicles (EVs) or hybrids.

The policy was announced by the country’s center-right prime minister, Lars Lokke Rasmussen to the national parliament in Copenhagen on October 2. The government is expected to detail plans on how to reduce the costs of electric vehicles prices in order to increase their usage due to the fact that sales of non-polluting, renewable energy powered vehicles dropped dramatically in Denmark after Rasmussen’s government in Copenhagen phased out public subsidies as part of national budget cuts. The government may also decide to allow electric cars or vehicles to drive in any bus lanes to incentivize their use on the roads.

Denmark is not the only country in the developed world taking necessary actions against man-made climate change and other forms of environmental pollution.

Neighboring Norway, under the center-right government of Erna Solberg, announced last year in 2017 that will only sell electric powered and hybrid vehicles in 2030. The Netherlands also recently announced last year that it will only start selling electric vehicles starting in 2025.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, under the conservative leadership of Theresa May, will ban the sale of all petrol gas and diesel fuel powered cars starting in 2040, 22 years from now.

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