Nigeria plunged in to darkness by power grid meltdown as millions watched World Cup build-up on TV

NIGERIA suffered a major power cut on the first day of its World Cup campaign, according to local reports.

Nigeria has suffered a nationwide power cut after millions watched their national team play Croatia at the World Cup


The power grid melt down came on the same day the national team played Croatia in its first fixture.

The Super Eagles lost 2-0 on the day, but millions turned out to watch the game.

An own goal from new Stoke recruit Oghenakaro Etobo, and a spot kick from Luka Modric were enough to break hearts in Africa.

But many fans would have been spared the agonising loss – as the power went out across swathes of the nation.

Local media reported a total collapse of “all the nation’s power plants.”

The report said: “A top executive of one of the nation’s electricity distribution companies, told our correspondent on condition of anonymity that the national grid first collapsed on Friday.

“When contacted to find out the cause of the outage in parts of Lagos he said ‘It’s a general thing; it is a system collapse’.

“‘It happened yesterday and this morning. All the power plants were shut down’.”

Footie fans in Nigeria have taken to social media to say their power has since been restored.

The national team may have got off to a slow start, but Nigera is winning the World Cup fashion show so far.

After their snazzy tournament kit sold out in minutes, and they wowwed the world with their travel outfits, Nigeria had one more treat for fans on Saturday night.

Twitter fell in love with the team’s Zebra-striped training top as they warmed up at the Kaliningrad Stadium on Saturday night.

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