Norwegian cabins almost buried as snow reaches three metres’ depth

Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix


Snow in parts of Norway has now reached a depth of almost three metres, with more expected to fall.

Cabins in the Kvamskogen forest in Hordaland County have almost disappeared under the snow, reports broadcaster NRK.

“This is actually the second time this winter I’ve had to [clear snow using rented equipment]. There is an enormous amount of snow. I spent the day yesterday digging out my caravan along with five others,” local resident Cecilie Bontvedt told the broadcaster.

“If the snow is not removed, the terrace at the front of the caravan will probably collapse,” she added.

Kåre Storlid, a snow plough driver, described the volume of snow to NRK as a “good amount”.

Some cabins have as much as 2.6 metres of snow lying on their roofs, Storlid said.

“It’s important to remove it before it gets wet and heavy,” he said.

Meteorologists expect the layer of snow to get even thicker during the coming days.

“Precipitation this weekend in Hordaland will be in the form of snow at over 200 to 500 metres [altitude]. The lower range of snowfall will creep downwards on Friday, since it will become cooler,” Lars Andreas Selberg of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute’s Bergen office told NRK.

Snow is forecast across the south of the country on both Saturday and Sunday, with sun in the north.

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