Soini: Sweden could be headed for a political gridlock

Photo: Mikko Stig – Lehtikuva


Sweden could be headed for a political gridlock after an inconclusive general election on Sunday, views Timo Soini (BR), the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Neither of the traditional political blocs managed to win a majority of seats in the Riksdag, with the left-green bloc formed by the Social Democrats, Green Party and Left Party winning 40.6 per cent, and the centre-right bloc formed by the Moderate Party, Centre Party, Liberal Party and Christian Democrats 40.3 per cent of the ballot.

“The result is quite the full-blown gridlock,” Soini commented on YLE TV1 on Monday. “It’ll be interesting to see where things go from here.”

The Swedish Social Democrats continued its over 100-year tradition of finishing first in every election but saw its vote drop to an estimated 28.4 per cent. The Moderate Party, in turn, won 19.2 per cent and the Swedish Democrats 17.6 per cent of the vote, as the latter, anti-immigration party made significant but smaller-than-expected in the elections.

The Swedish Democrats’ success is attributable to public disappointment with the traditional political blocs and the immigration policy, estimated Soini.

The final results of the elections will be announced on Wednesday, after the roughly 50,000 votes cast abroad have also been counted.

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