‘Totally bottled it’ – Fans fume as VAR ignores Sweden penalty plea

Foto: eurosport


It was inevitable from the moment FIFA announced VAR would grace the World Cup in Russia: a backlash.

And while there has been simmering discontent towards the technology – England and Serbia fans spring to mind – it has avoided major carnage… until now.

But when Sweden striker Marcus Berg hit the deck under pressure from Germany defender Jerome Boateng, the referee decided not to revisit the incident.

Here’s how it went down, in screenshot form…

1. Berg is through one-on-one; Boateng closes in…

2. Boateng catches Berg’s leg… doesn’t touch the ball

3. Berg gets a tame shot away, before crashing into Neuer

Now, VAR will have reviewed the decision behind the scenes, but WHY did they decide to not get the referee to have another look?

People were NOT happy…

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