Why Flights to Europe Are Going to Get Even Cheaper This Summer

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In March, American Airlines announced it was joining Delta in expanding its basic economy fares on flights to Europe. “Basic economy” is a clunky term for a clunky ride, but at least you’re about to have more no-frills, wait-I-can-actually-afford-this seats on transatlantic flights. Skinflints, rejoice!

Or should you? While it’s one thing to roll the dice on getting a middle seat and pack just a laptop bag for an overnight to Dallas, it’s quite another for a 12-hour flight and a week abroad. And while we know you’ll be getting less, it’s not yet clear how much less you’ll be paying. Still, if you shop on price, it’ll be fascinating to watch American truly compete, you hope, with the eye-popping $99 fares from WOW and Norwegian.

We talked to some industry experts to find out what this new class of dirt-cheap Euro flights means for you, the cash-strapped traveler. Here’s everything you need to know when considering a basic economy trip across the pond.

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